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About Us

In a world where fast food and sedentary lifestyles have become the norm, the increase in lifestyle disorders and obesity is hardly a surprise. At DietSuchi, we have embarked on a mission to change this narrative. Our platform, www.dietsuchi.com, is not just another ordinary dieting website; it represents a comprehensive solution that harnesses the power of food as medicine to promote health and well-being. We firmly believe that your kitchen can be the foundation of your path to a healthier, fitter self.

Individualsand organisations looking for comprehensive fitness solutions can visit www.dietsuchi.com and connect with DietSuchi’s expert consultants. Our scientifically guided counseling helps individuals define and achieve their fitness goals. DietSuchi offers mentoring support and guides individuals through a quantified dietary plan, with continuous monitoring and consultation support throughout the consultation period.

DietSuchi extends its consultation services to individuals, health clubs, gyms, corporate entities, government organizations, and private institutions.

About Me

Suchismita Moharana

Allow us to introduce the driving force behind DietSuchi, Suchismita Moharana. She is not your typical entrepreneur. Suchismita is an Expert Nutritionist, a certified dietitian, and a fitness expert with over 8 years of experience. Her impressive educational background includes a Post Graduation in Advanced Food Science & Nutrition Specialization from RD Women’s University. She holds certifications like Expert Level Certified Nutrition and Fitness Consultant (INFS) and Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist (NESTA), US, establishing her as a recognized authority in the field of health and wellness.

Suchismita’s journey into the world of nutrition and fitness was not a direct one. She initially pursued a career in journalism and news casting, holding a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism from the prestigious Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Her passion for improving lives through nutrition led her to transition into this field. Her extensive knowledge and experience enable her to address a wide range of health issues, from pre- and post-natal weight loss to cholesterol management, type-II Diabetes reversal, PCOS, and Thyroid issues. She firmly believes in the power of quantified food, which, in many cases, can surpass the benefits of medicine.

Her catchy tagline, “chew, chat, and squats,” emphasizes the importance of natural food habits over supplements. Suchismita’s ultimate goal is to combat nutrition deficiencies, tackle obesity-related issues across age groups, and raise awareness about the significance of a healthy lifestyle.

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