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Picking up a Diet That’s Right for You | DietSuchi

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Picking up a Diet That’s Right for You | DietSuchi

There has been a very long-standing myth about the Indian diet being not diet- friendly, thanks to our spicy delicacies and diverse gastronomies. People are hold of a very wrong notion that Indian food makes you fat and to lose weight one must rely on exotic diet regimes. It is very important to know that weight loss is a gradual journey; you can’t just shred all your extra fats overnight without moving a muscle.

It needs dedication, discipline, and mostly patience. But most people get carried away by the false claims on the internet and switch to hard-core fat diets like the keto diet, intermittent fasting, etc. without giving a second thought. Such actions can drastic repercussions on your body and mind so it’s always advisable to stick to a diet plan for weight loss that suits your body type.

People often get influenced by bloggers and YouTubers who share their fat loss journeys and also encourage others to follow the same. It may seem to help and can uplift your spirits to sweat it out but there is more to it. As a renowned dietician in Bhubaneswar, it would be my friendly advice to dig deeper instead of following everything mindlessly on the internet to see if it’s relevant to you and your surroundings.

People from different regions live in different climates, possess different body types, varied metabolic rates and have diverse eating habits. So what’s working for them may not work for you!

A traditional Indian diet revolves around more of vegan and lacto-vegetarian ingredients with a high amount of carbs, a medium amount of fats and a lesser amount of protein. However, you can customize your meal according to your diet plan for weight loss adjusting your carbs and protein intake with numerous locally available natural sources. India is land of pulses and legumes which are high in protein and multi-grains which help in fat loss. Indian spices are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory essential oils that prevent obesity.

Locally sources green leafy vegetables like Sarson (mustard), Palak (spinach), and Methi (fenugreek) are loaded with vitamins that are low in calories and can boost stamina. There are plenty of such indie options available close to you that can ace your weight loss journey. So, next time when you see a video insisting to spend your time and money on some exotic diet plan, don’t forget to come back and take a look!

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