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5 Best Dieting Tips for this Festive Season | Best Dietician in Odisha

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5 Best Dieting Tips for this Festive Season

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India is a never-ending land of festivals which bring people close with insurmountable fun, frolic, and Food! With food we comes a lot of calories and more calories may risk your flat tummies and tones arms. But what about the mouth-watering cuisines and delicious fast food that makes the whole festival alive. (yeah, we can feel you) that’s why DietSuchi – one of Odisha’s best dietician brings you the best dieting tips for this festive season that will definitely help you enjoy your festival and at the same time, not go overboard and make you regret the next day! Sounds like a deal, aye? Here you go –

1. Plan your meals

Food is the best part of every festival, you get to try seasonal dishes and street food which just amplify the whole mood of the celebration but make sure that, festivals don’t leave you plump and regretful. Plan your out-of-home dinners in advance and don’t indulge in the surprise second meals.

2. Don’t skip exercise

Just because its festive season and you’re home, doesn’t mean that you have to take a break from your workout. It is okay if you can’t go to the gym but a little cardio and some stretching at home can definitely help. Regular physical actively keeps you fit and prevents from putting on extra fat.

3. Home-made foods are the best

The reason why home-made food is better goes beyond just hygiene. The main advantage is that you can control your ingredients. Use fewer fats, try to replace sugar with sweetening alternatives like stevia, erythritol or even sucralose and use low-calorie versions of ingredients like milk.

4. Avoid extra servings

Always avoid Round 2! A thoughtful and portion controlled first round should be enough to satiate you, even if it has sweets and desserts. Feed the hunger, not the desire.

5. Say ‘NO’ to mindless eating

Excessive snacking is a bad habit. We don’t snack out of hunger or the need to be fed. We snack only because we are bored, and that – is detrimental to your body. For your body, it’s just extra calories going in and any extra calorie that your body doesn’t use, it saves as fat for future use. Technically, that’s how you gain fat.

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